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Common Sense Ethics explores everyday ethical problems and solutions. Our world is full of issues.. that only ethical personal conduct can solve. We focus on the individual through character.. education, practical moral framework, and personal growth.

Owner: radioclashx

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Other Tags: Individual Rights and Freedom, Introspection, Character Education, Personal Growth, Applied Ethics


For 2,000 years our people migrated from country to country in search of peace and.. freedom. Therefore when for the first time in over 2,000 years there is an entirely independent.. Jewish state, with an independent Jewish army we MUST support them.

Owner: ronmossad

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: Zionism, Israel, Judaism, Arab-Israeli conflict

3. MioBS


Probably a more than lethal dose of My BS. . .

Owner: sedriskell

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: conservative, Republican, politics, United States


A blog dedicated to conservative political commentary and news. We have a unique and bold.. perspective on political discourse in the United States

Owner: alan8228

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Other Tags: Politics, Conservative, Conservatism, Republican, Commentary


Current events and news translated into what it means for you. Some humor and pop culture to keep.. it light.

Owner: Jake_Lopata

Listed in: Academics

Other Tags: News, Politics, Policy, Markets, Money


My personal rants and raves of this crazy world we live in today

Owner: songbirdooh

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: brats, race, religion, people


A personal collection of daily articles on various topics including law, politics, sociology,.. science innovation, etc written with a speck of wit and a ton of humuour. Blog is updated daily,.. podcasts are also available.

Owner: Peychev

Listed in: Lifestyle

Other Tags: funny, informative, useful, commercial awareness


I try to stimulate conversation among all american's around current events and political topics.. of interest.

Owner: patrickdengler

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Other Tags: conservative, liberal, opinion, obama, government


It's Rantastic is a blog about the latest news, politics, and everything else in this world.. just waiting to set me off! Need common sense added to your news? It's Rantastic has it here.

Owner: mraldo

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: rants, news, politics, opinion


I wanted to write a little bit about what I'm seeing and give you all my take. I don't.. write in short twitter-like posts. I'm not particularly qualified, except in perhaps the areas.. of pharmacy (pharmacist), but life's a journey and

Owner: speednutsII

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: Politics, Philosophy, Life, Journey

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