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I enjoy cooking in a free form way that reminds me of Be Bop. I create recipes from ideas that pop.. into my head or by altering existing ones. I cook with feeling and instinct. My cooking reflects my.. passion for certain flavors and ingredients.

Owner: hzeitz

Listed in: Food-drink

Other Tags: vegan, vegetarian, cooking, animal rights


Awareness of holistic practices. practices are discussd as is the first Worldwide Holistic Day, a.. day when practioners worldwide will offer free classes. It is an exciting event to spread the good.. news about Holistic practices

Owner: lupierro

Listed in: Health

Other Tags: holistic, Worldwide, practioners, free


A blog from a conservative at UC Berkeley. The author analyzes the top stories of the day with the.. objective in mind to give unique, insightful commentary.

Owner: ajmoreno56

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: conservative, politics, unique, politics, insightful


Compassionate Climate Action started as a 200-day countdown to the Copenhagen climate talks in 2009... It has since morphed into a weekly forum of radical ideas for compassionate action to mitigate the.. climate change emergency and safeguard the future.

Owner: Julie_Diane_Johnston

Listed in: Environment

Other Tags: climate change, climate change activism, zero carbon, renewable energy, climate change emergency

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