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All about technologically innovated recipes, ingredients' reviews, reviews of restaurant.. offerings, food formulations, sports, events and travel. With a bit of photography.

Owner: dantepogi

Listed in: Food-drink

Other Tags: innovated recipes, restaurant reviews, ingredients' reviews, sports, travel


Basadas en las innumerables películas que hemos visto.

Owner: cinelasnibat

Listed in: Arts

Other Tags: Cine, Películas, Films, Drama, Comedia


I review restaurants in Topeka, KS and whenever I travel. I love to cook but I love to taste food.. even more.

Owner: triciap84

Listed in: Food-drink

Other Tags: cuisine, restaurants, Topeka, opinion


Relevant information on creating personal success, team success, and organizational success.

Owner: sfont

Listed in: Business

Other Tags: Success, Leadership, Team Building, Communication


Reviews and Tasting Notes on Beer, Wine, Scotch, Chocolate, Cigars and anything else interesting.. that crosses my palate.

Owner: erockrph

Listed in: Food-drink

Other Tags: Beer, Wine, Scotch, Chocolate, Tasting Notes

6. PushBox


TV commercial critique and reviews

Owner: lunamoon1111

Listed in: Entertainment

Other Tags: tv, commercial, ad, review


A Blog Only Haters Could Love. Harlem hates on anything and everything.

Owner: snow2blazes

Listed in: Humor

Other Tags: Hating, Hater, Humor, Comedy


Political thoughts and general stuff I feel like sharing to the world.

Owner: BCBlog2014

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: 2nd amendment, Bill of Rghts, Stupid People


I am your superhero. I fight against awful television, terrible movies & horrendous videogames

Owner: ThyCriticMan

Listed in: Entertainment

Other Tags: film, television, movies, videogames, superhero


One important dimension to data quality, which is being talked about these days is data credibility.

Owner: Jessicabanks

Listed in: Computers

Other Tags: master data management, material master data management, MDM

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