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It contains mostly book revisions in Greek

Owner: hdermit

Listed in: Academics

Other Tags: literature, reviews


Critiques of common controversial topics by a young down to Earth writer.

Owner: Jake_Orcutt

Listed in: Internet

Other Tags: religion, politics, society, humor


In which I indulge my passion for criticising everything, especially things everyone else likes or.. believes in.

Owner: philosophersbeard

Listed in: Philosophy

Other Tags: Economics, Ethics, Politics, Media


Pop culture criticism by two guys immersed in it from head to toe. Read cynical takes on topics.. ranging from music and comics to video games and movies.

Owner: 4gitate

Listed in: Entertainment

Other Tags: music, gaming, comics


my personal happenings and also my lookout into the social events......

Owner: aniruddhablog02

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: personal, enjoyment


Overall my goal is to help improve future games with my advice and help us get even more great games.. in the future.

Owner: ValadursErbe

Listed in: Videogames

Other Tags: Game Design, Feedback, Hell Gates, Console Gaming


Creative critics provides sarcastic articles on national and international happenings, major events,.. daily occurrences, news, current affairs and rumors. Also raise public voice and opinion against.. anti-social activities around the world

Owner: iinternals

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: Creativity, sarcastic articles, Technology updates, Daily news

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