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It contains mostly book revisions in Greek

Owner: hdermit

Listed in: Academics

Other Tags: literature, reviews


Critiques of common controversial topics by a young down to Earth writer.

Owner: Jake_Orcutt

Listed in: Internet

Other Tags: religion, politics, society, humor


Pop culture criticism by two guys immersed in it from head to toe. Read cynical takes on topics.. ranging from music and comics to video games and movies.

Owner: 4gitate

Listed in: Entertainment

Other Tags: music, gaming, comics


my personal happenings and also my lookout into the social events......

Owner: aniruddhablog02

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: personal, enjoyment


The Sundae is a film and television blog founded by Ciara Moloney and Dean Buckley. We offer only.. the coldest of takes.

Owner: The Sundae

Listed in: Entertainment

Other Tags: Film, Movies, Tv, Television


Overall my goal is to help improve future games with my advice and help us get even more great games.. in the future.

Owner: ValadursErbe

Listed in: Videogames

Other Tags: Game Design, Feedback, Hell Gates, Console Gaming


In which I indulge my passion for criticising everything, especially things everyone else likes or.. believes in.

Owner: philosophersbeard

Listed in: Philosophy

Other Tags: Economics, Ethics, Politics, Media


Creative critics provides sarcastic articles on national and international happenings, major events,.. daily occurrences, news, current affairs and rumors. Also raise public voice and opinion against.. anti-social activities around the world

Owner: iinternals

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: Creativity, sarcastic articles, Technology updates, Daily news

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