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An angry, cynical and underachieving freelance writer voices his thoughts, opinions and feelings.. from the comfort of his house for peanuts. All work and no play make him a cynical asshole.

Owner: CynicalAsshole

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Official website and blog for author Trey R. Barker.

Owner: cbrokaw

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Other Tags: writing, books, cop, texas


Mistakes I've made, pictures I've drawn, and shouting into the void of the internet. Join.. me as I chronicle my life in drawings, and offer a cynical take on the world as I see it through my.. eyes.

Owner: bookofmike

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Other Tags: webcomic, humor, satire, politics


Cynical's reviews/previews/discussions of the hottest games on the market.

Owner: cynicalfx

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Other Tags: pc games, pc game reviews, pc game previews, pc game discussion, hottest pc games


Every Friday I'll offer insight to new music I'm into and artists that most people.. probably wouldn't know. On Wednesday, I'll offer my opinions to different genre's of.. music; ones I like and others I don't.

Owner: simmerdown

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Other Tags: opinions, discussion, just for fun, critic?


Cynical Sarah's humorous take on anything going on in her life, including tv shows, movies,.. news, music, job hunting, weight loss and more.

Owner: cynicalsarah

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Other Tags: humor, tv, weight loss, movies, cooking


My thoughts about Google, a multi-billion dollar company which uses goats for lawn-mowers!

Owner: rajtilak

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Other Tags: Google, Internet, Technology, Android, YouTube


Nonesense to make your day go by. Thoughts on the stars, sandwiches, little shorts, USB ports...Not.. much on humanism or how to have it all. Love it or leave it, don'e be upset by it though. .. Definitely don't sue me.

Owner: daisywheel

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Other Tags: fashionable, bitchy, political, fiction


The government? Politics? A cynical Navy wife's informed view of the world. Applied Mensa.. intelligence to current events

Owner: jenniferlandsberger

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Other Tags: Current events, news, humor, military, mensa


A weblog of opinions and ideas on business-related subjects.

Owner: niccolosvengali

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Other Tags: business, education, internet business, ideas, opinions

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