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Features Davao's Top Dive Sites, Beaches and Mountain Resorts, Hotels, Shopping Malls,.. Restaurants, Cafes, Sports, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Landmarks, Parks, and Latest Events and Happenings.. in Davao City and beyond.

Owner: Douglas_Battad

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Other Tags: davao city, Resorts, Beach, Hotels


Sailing Thailand Forum, the place where sailors and divers meet.

Owner: Phoebenix

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Other Tags: Sailing, Sailing courses, diving courses, Thailand


This Blog is for anyone to share their Scuba Diving knowledge and experiences

Owner: paulpetal

Listed in: Outdoors

Other Tags: Scuba diving, underwater diving, learn about scuba diving, information about scuba diving


Improve your swimming results, be a swimming master. Find wear, suits, speedo, swimming lessons,.. technique and swimming trainings

Owner: doubleruger

Listed in: Sports

Other Tags: Swimming, Pool, Surfing


Blogging life in The Whitsundays and trips around our Native Queensland Australia.

Owner: charlwarbrown

Listed in: Travel

Other Tags: Whitsunday Islands,, Sailing, Adventure, Cruising

6. Beanie


Life the universe, everything, but mainly software / web development , diving and bikes. Although.. random thoughts will be thrown in for good measure.

Owner: beanie

Listed in: Webdesign

Other Tags: development, c#, sql, website


As they prayed with all their hearts, something happening. A gush of strong wind blew over them and.. knocked them down. They fell. Some men spoke in unknown languages. Some wept. Some moaned. Some sang.. new songs. All were fired up for God and glory

Owner: davidgate36

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: Holy Spirit, children story, Christianity, Jerusalem gates, prayer


The two evil lackeys spotted the boys. Shep lifted up his shepherd staff but nothing happened... Samboy tried to sing a spirit song but could not remember how. The lackeys had guns! The boys were.. overpowered, surrendered, were captured and bound.

Owner: davidgate36

Listed in: Literature

Other Tags: Holy Spirit, mystery, children literature, Jerusalem gates, Christianity


Candace trained Ari and the sheep people spiritual weapons. But the two boys used their human.. effort, dived into the underground river and sneaked into the fortress. Their shepherd staff failed.. to work. They were soon captured by the evil magician.

Owner: davidgate36

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: Holy Spirit, mystery story, Christianity, Jerusalem gates gold, supernatural

10. Diving In


Diving In is a blogumentary about establishing an independent game development company, Boxfish.. Creative Group, and the release of its first title.

Owner: w3bm3ntors

Listed in: Business

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