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Jobenomics - The bomb shelter for your investment portfolio- written by one of John McCain's.. former economic advisor, unveils the true economic meltdown we will face if we do not create.. 20,000,000 new American jobs in the next 10 years.

Owner: jobenomic

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Other Tags: investments, obama, investment protection, insurance


Covers what is happening currently worldwide politically and economically

Owner: citizenUS

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: secession, ethnic and religious divisions, globalization, political and economic integration


We aim to bring you the top headlines from around the world related to the global crisis.

Owner: gcnews

Listed in: Business

Other Tags: recession, global crisis, depression, financial crisis


Set amid the smouldering ruins of the credit crunch, this is a provocative, satirical commentary.. parodying contemporary economic thought(or lack of it), corporate and personal greed, and naked.. capitalism in general. It's seriously funny!

Owner: themaverickeconomist

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Other Tags: credit crunch, wall street, capitalism, sovereign crisis

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