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Follow is your daily news portal. Find lastest update about celebrity, economics, politics,.. sport and entertainment here.

Owner: ardianstrov

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Other Tags: news, politics, celebrity, sport


Views of a self-assumed Chola Prince on everything under the sun and even beyond.

Owner: jeyan

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: Geo-Politics, India, Politics, Technology


Articles about business, economics and innovation by a strategist with more than 25 years experience.. in management consulting, industry and government

Owner: jpfarrell

Listed in: Business

Other Tags: management, consulting, business, supply chain


"Korioi" means both bedbugs and tiny mic(rophone)s in Greek. So, just like these two, we.. are everywhere, listen to everything and report whatever tingles our ears.

Owner: Korios

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: news, local, technology, science


This is a site to challenge misconceptions on political economy, immigration, liberty. This site.. also works to counter lies and distortion in our media.

Owner: LeftOutside

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: Immigration, Socialism, Capitalism, Liberty


Here we will learn about the ideas that had lasting impact in the minds of American people. After.. all, As a Man Thinketh, so is he.

Owner: Antuna

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: history, debate, government, global crisis


A Choctaw/Euro mongrel, scavenging for nuggets of truth and nourishment wherever they might be.. found. Random observations, comments, rants, satire and discoveries from the road to NowHere.

Owner: CoyotePrime

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: social commentary, science, Native American info, human nature


I don't sit within a religion or any party political, isolated hegemonic paradigms. I've.. heard, there is an ACTUAL life that can be lived quite freely without those constraints. imagine.. that!! The ability to think for myself

Owner: oleuanna

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: politics, Humanitarian, Africa, Poverty


Mini-essays in philosophy, politics and economics

Owner: philosophersbeard

Listed in: Philosophy

Other Tags: Ethics, Politics, Knowledge, Theory


A contrarian examination of economic and financial issues from an Australian perspective, with an.. emphasis on the Australian Housing Market.

Owner: Leithvo

Listed in: Finance

Other Tags: Housing, Real Estate, Property Bubble, Australia

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