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Engineering analysis, scientific discovery and technical computation, illiustrated with Excel.. spreadsheets. This blog also offers clear descriptions and analytical derivations that students,.. educators and professionals will find valuable.

Owner: tyrian

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Other Tags: Excel, math, engineering, spreadsheets


Information, inspiration and ideas to help teachers in and out of the classroom

Owner: teachforever

Listed in: Academics

Other Tags: teaching, lessons, mathematics, learning


Histology for Your Life

Owner: dezay

Listed in: Science

Other Tags: Science, Medical, Entertaiment, News


This Is Blog To Share Knowlage and experience to world

Owner: Kawani

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: Article, Ebook, Download


Exceptions to natural and biological rules as well as amazing stories of adaptation and diversity.. are used to illustrate and reinforce the core concepts of biology.

Owner: Mark_Lasbury

Listed in: Science

Other Tags: biology, animal, plant, microbiology

6. Sanodox


Health Care Education [Environmental health, Physical health, Social health, Emotional health,.. Intellectual health, and Spiritual health]

Owner: Sanodox

Listed in: Health

Other Tags: medicine, health, health education, healthcare


The Intello Kids® Website is hosting the Honorable Mention blog. Here an Early Childhood Educator.. shares her 20+ years of experience with various curricula while learning how to live this thing we.. all call life!

Owner: 1stupidkitty

Listed in: Academics

Other Tags: preschool, children, humor, development


The Red Pill Parents share a desire to live more consciously, especially with respect to how we.. raise our children within our media-saturated, advertising-dominated culture.

Owner: redpillparents

Listed in: Parents

Other Tags: conscious parenting, nutrition, consumerism, environment


All About Information of Definitions | Marketing Definition | Internet | Education | Economy |.. Social | Computer | Etc.

Owner: nandafahriyah

Listed in: Academics

Other Tags: Marketing, Economy, Social, Computer


Find the best source to secure your study and education in Malaysia

Owner: melaghil

Listed in: Resources

Other Tags: Malaysia, Universities

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