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Communication is THE most important skill for todays world. People are using communication skill to.. achieve their success in their respective work area.

Owner: mishuexpertskill

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Other Tags: Effective Communcation Skill, Communication Skill Development, Effective Speaking Technique, Effective Listening Skill, Communication For Professional


A science blog focusing mainly on toxicology, chemical exposures, health and environment.

Owner: ashartus

Listed in: Science

Other Tags: toxicology, chemicals, environment, health, scams


learning english in easy way

Owner: freedom

Listed in: Music

Other Tags: learning english, songs, easy english, english language, books


Tutorial Photoshop, FreeHand, Ilustrator, CorelDraw and Lifestyle

Owner: Gusdiwanto

Listed in: Academics

Other Tags: Tutorial, Photoshop, Kesehatan, Text


Learn from the giants of prayer, how to pray effectually and powerfully.

Owner: samkadya

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: prayer, Our Father, faith, Scriptural promises, Jesus Christ


It is important that you keep a watch on what you eat and how much you eat.

Owner: Kris_Turpin

Listed in: Health

Other Tags: hyperurecemia, generic colchicine


IBM's 95P4436 is a Linear Tape-Open 4(LTO-4) format tape cartridge. It has a tape length of.. 820m which enables a native data storage capacity of 800GB that can be expanded up to 1600GB when.. compressed.

Owner: Nida_Asif

Listed in: Computers

Other Tags: IBM LTO-4, LTO-4, IBM LTO-4 Tape, LTO-4 Tape Cartridge, LTO-4 Tapes


When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see delicate, supple, brilliant, gleaming,.. flawless skin? On the other hand do you see age spots and new wrinkles?

Owner: telebuychennai

Listed in: Health


So what’s different about these new anti ageing creams? The main thinking behind them is stressed.. skin looks older so anything that can put the bounce back skin will make it look younger and.. plumper.

Owner: lesleyreynolds

Listed in: Health

Other Tags: stressed skincare, anti ageing creams, rejuvenating skin, HydraFacial, Photodynamic Therapy


Atkins Diet effects et Appetite Suppression Atkins Diet effects.. Le sucre est dans tous les endroits que vous chercher.

Owner: wadie20000

Listed in: Food-drink

Other Tags: atkins, diet effects, et Appetite, Le sucre

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