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According to an estimate carbon dioxide emissions surged up to 31% around the world from 1990-2005... These emissions increased 35% in 2008.

Owner: Js_Jullia

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Launched in February 2007, Empty the Bench, LLC is geared toward fantasy sports enthusiasts and.. serious sports fans and currently offers insightful and thorough analysis and fantasy advice on the.. NFL and NBA.

Owner: bbspencer

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Other Tags: NBA news, NBA rumors, NBA players, NFL fantasy football


A personal blog written by a midlife empty-nester. Observations about the world around me.

Owner: sharonhg126

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Other Tags: midlife, empty-nest, personal, family, society


random thunderstorms from the grey area between my ears

Owner: silas216

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Other Tags: journal, flash fiction, politics, personal, music


One of the most precious natural gifts to mankind is water. Hydration is essentially required for.. children as they have higher water needs in relation to their body weights, as compared to adults.

Owner: vaibhav624

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All about... adventure, art, color, creative, fashion, freedom, inspiration, harmony, ideas, journey, lifestyle,.. quotes, nature, pleasure, self-cultivation, space, style, trends, woman, wonderful, world... and more, and more! Fill the empty spaces!

Owner: ideafillme

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Other Tags: fashion, harmony, idea, lifestyle, self-cultivation


DIY, trashion, fashion BLOG

Owner: Mooni

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This blog is an attempt to re-write my personal financial history.I write about my financial goals,.. ambitions, hopes and failures.

Owner: Emptywallet

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plain white black

Owner: Jen_Rubio

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Fortunately, now you realize it ant it's not too late. The recently deleted files will still on.. your hard drive as long as there is not new files are saved to your computer.

Owner: wsdatarecovery

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Other Tags: data recovery, data recovery software

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