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Fashioning a new life once the kids are grown. To me, middle age is the prime of life! There is a.. sense of freedom that comes with having grown kids, and chances are the budget is a bit more relaxed.. too. Did somebody say travel?!

Owner: Camilleri

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I am a wife, mother & escapee from a corporate cube-farm, with the my current life a work in.. progress. I explore a little bit of everything via writing, drawing, & photography in search for.. a vibrant life after the mommy years.

Owner: Carrie_Fannin

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I am a lady with a love for all things fabric, paint, thrifted wool and cashmere. Obsessed with.. aprons, porcelain tea cups, vintage linens and a few antique buttons thrown in for good measure. Oh.. yeah...I never miss a sunrise!

Owner: TheEmptyNest

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