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klux is an tard who writes animu/mango reviews, mindrape and rants that can be interpreted as junks.. by others but sparks of brilliance to few special ones. She is also a beginner at collecting.. figures.

Owner: kluxorious

Listed in: Entertainment

Other Tags: anime, manga, review


A collection of my thoughts on anime and anime merchandise.

Owner: Nopy

Listed in: Entertainment

Other Tags: anime, otaku, manga, games


An insight into the mind of a female otaku, and there ain't that many, and I mean real ones,.. not a yaoi loving pocky eater. I mean dakimakura-owning, figure collecting, eroge playing otaku.

Owner: meimi132

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: anime, japan, movies, games


Sculpted Figures Plastic Surgery - We offer a wide range of Sculpted Figures Plastic Surgery.. including, Medical Weight Loss, lastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery, laser.. surgery and more.

Owner: plasticsurgery

Listed in: Health

Other Tags: Sculpted Figures Plastic Surgery


Encyclopedia International

Owner: zhoya

Listed in: Science

Other Tags: knowledge, encyclopedia, history


PVC pipes and fittings are widely used in any construction venture. This blog explains why PVC pipes.. are the latest trend in day to day needs of MEP industry.

Owner: NishaaSahaay

Listed in: Business


Here's essential information on Toys. We have the best resources for Toys for those that want.. to know provides essential information on Toys. Check it out for yourself!

Owner: kinjeng

Listed in: Parents

Other Tags: toys, dolls, thomas the tank, action


Photos of female fitness models, athletes and bodybuilders

Owner: femalefitnessfigures

Listed in: Photoblog

Other Tags: models, photos, sports, bodybuilders, females


An "adult" that never grew emotionally or mentally past the age of 17 years old! Actually.. I enjoy reading Manga, watching Anime with the family and playing with my "Toys".

Owner: bluedrakon

Listed in: Entertainment

Other Tags: anime, manga, cosplay, japan


Read the latest news and updates on action figures, statues, figures, toys and collectibles from the.. hottest games, anime, movies, and pop culture.

Owner: kirinhobby

Listed in: Entertainment

Other Tags: Revoltech, figma, action figures, statues

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