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This is a rant blog. Inspired by stand-up comedians like Doug Stanhope, Bill Hicks, and George.. Carlin, as well as writers like Douglas Adams, Maddox, and Larry David, and a dash of Trey Parker.. and Matt Stone, SFF skewers societal norms.

Owner: JonOfTheShred

Listed in: Humor

Other Tags: rant, satire, funny, conspiracy, angry


This Blog is all about my personal life and the Music I Love, Funk Soul and Dance Music in some sort.. of way, things. I will also feature on a weekly basis A Soul/Funk/Dance Mix. I also sell Vinyl and

Owner: FunkySoulVinyls

Listed in: Music

Other Tags: funk, soul, vinyls, disco, funk


It's all about Cakes and Deserts.

Owner: Rannia

Listed in: Food-drink

4. FunkyME


FunkyME is a blog about modern designs of everyday things, like soap, umbrellas, alarm clocks etc~.. anything you can imagine.

Owner: jobao

Listed in: Lifestyle

Other Tags: design, modern, lifestyle


visit this blog, art of stencil and a lot of discographics

Owner: ivsflowing

Listed in: Music

Other Tags: art, music, stencil, design, diseñ, stencil, art, design, rock


This is an online Cute Cheap Earrings 925 Jewelry store selling mostly cute fashion earrings.

Owner: cutethots

Listed in: Photoblog

Other Tags: cute, inexpensive, cheap, earrings


Funky Town Disco Music 70s 80s funky soul jazz old vinyls record

Owner: gnac

Listed in: Music

Other Tags: Funky Town, Disco Music 70s 80s, soul jazz, old vinyls record


All The News we care to print. We take a look at the interesting news and hopefully add a bit of.. color to it.

Owner: Funkydom

Listed in: Entertainment

Other Tags: Celebrity news, Weird news, Music news, Movie News


The Other Side of a Funky Place provides readers with a porthole into the daily musings and random.. thoughts on life from a writer’s mind.

Owner: writenowlife

Listed in: Lifestyle

Other Tags: writing, healthy living, hot topics, change, creative


The funky coloured contacts will give you an original look that others will wish they had thought.. of. The funky coloured contacts are so simple yet so effective.

Owner: colouredcontactshut1

Listed in: Shopping

Other Tags: Cheap Colored Contact Lenses, Cheap

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