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In the end Homosexuality is normal but the way that people see, and the way the law are is basted on.. Catholic and Christian religious views and dominance, personal feeling’s, and not knowing what it.. is.

Owner: mre38

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The brutal reality of an aging man trying to cope with a world he no longer understands…

Owner: watssm

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These are just my personal opinions about gay marriage, the way prisoners are treated, and whatever.. else is on my mind.

Owner: CookieMonster

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I'm Kara and I write A Lesbian in Florida, a blog about my life & thoughts (and a little.. bit of everything else thrown in).

Owner: alesbianinflorida

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In an effort to start a movement in Florida of being Gay and being proud I have created this blog... Atrevete Salte del closet Miami! It's time to be proud and to be loud.

Owner: rally4equality

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SWITCHING SIDES explores how gay men and women love and there love could be more sincere as.. heterosexuals in marriages and relationships. SWITCHING SIDES gives a realistic understanding of how.. gay people live.

Owner: ranny71

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