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Bands, Downloads, Links Official Band, or information about underground bands (Gothic, Black Metal,.. Hardcore, Death Metal, Grindcore, Thrash Metal,

Owner: mns_Kmt_II

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Other Tags: Gothic, Black Metal, Hardcore, Deat, underground bands, Links Official Band, Downloads, Goth Clinik


A crazy, middle aged woman who lives a life of weird happenings, artistic obsessions and gothic.. desires (as in clothing, music, makeup, etc.)and is a Mixed Media Collage and Digital Artist!.. Gothic, Victorian, Halloween, and Whimsy.

Owner: elegantgoth

Listed in: Arts

Other Tags: Gothic, Victorian, mixed media collage, Halloween, ephemera


Maybe not the everyday mum, with parenting styles that reflect an eclectic mix all her own.

Owner: coffinkittie

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Other Tags: parenting, children, mother, breastfeeding, tips

Follow For Vampires Goths& Humans

Owner: vampiresocial

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Other Tags: vampires, gothic, dating, social networking


A blog dedicated to reviewing horror movies, literature, video games, etc. Also some other dark.. topics are discussed.

Owner: horrificreviews

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Other Tags: horror, dark, halloween, paranormal


Maria Angela De Peralta.Just call me Peachy 4 short.i'm 12 yrs old. Doubting if i'm 12?.. YES! I'm really. Too young to be good blogger?NO! It doesn't matter! the important in how.. u blog! :)

Owner: angelaperalta16

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A fashion and beauty blog with a creepy cute flare!

Owner: MimiKitten

Listed in: Fashion

Other Tags: Creepy, Cute, Makeup, Alternative


Gothic Wallpapers for you to decorate your desktop.

Owner: fet0r

Listed in: Entertainment

Other Tags: photos, wallpapers, gothic


The ordinary life of an extra ordinary Gothenburger. And no - it's NOT some kind of hamburger!

Owner: henkemannen

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: funny, humour, rockstar, entertainment, sweden

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