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Owner: grecka

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I am Shawnee and I am a girl, 8 years old. As a young puppy I did not want adventures because I was.. feral and afraid of everything. I got out of the animal shelter and I am not scared any more. Now I.. say the more adventures, the better. Bring 'em on!

Owner: shawneeshep

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Other Tags: dog, animal rescue, hiking, animal shelter, fostering


Chenab Industries deals production, introduction of Medicinal,Fruit Plants.

Owner: iirc

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Other Tags: Saffron Seeds, Ginkgo bilaba seeds, Nuts, Corms


I'm a mother of two girls (one mine, one step), newly married to a Navy sailor, and trying to.. learn how to be Donna Reed. So far, it's not going as well as I'd hoped... Perhaps a string of pearls and some 4 inch heels while I vacuum will d

Owner: HyphenationDiaries

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Other Tags: MilSpouse, Navy Wife, Military, Newlywed, trying to concieve


A Czech girl moves to Hungary, Europe and starts blogging about expat life, trips in-country or.. abroad and other shenanigans she gets to do with a very specific humour.

Owner: katechka

Listed in: Travel

Other Tags: expat, trips, living abroad, Hungary, humour


اخبار و سياسه و رياضه ومسلسلات و برامج اونلاين.. ومشاهدة مباريات بث مباشر

Owner: Medo_Mshakel

Listed in: Sports

Other Tags: مباريات, اونلاين, مباشر, سياسه, رياضة


Transmitter UHF, Booster Receiver

Owner: Fadillz_SHuckidjiwa

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Other Tags: transmitter, receiver, Radio, UhF, Booster


the ability to strive for perfection. ugh, i'm not here for fame.;)

Owner: grecka

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Other Tags: photography, music, icons, graphics


A blog devoted to my little world of food and photography. From slow food to junk food, from home.. cooking to trying out restaurants, my little corner of the culinary world is explored with humor and.. photography.

Owner: Athena_WorkmanJernigan

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Other Tags: photography, humor, culinary, iphone

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