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Owner: grecka

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I am Shawnee and I am a girl, 8 years old. As a young puppy I did not want adventures because I was.. feral and afraid of everything. I got out of the animal shelter and I am not scared any more. Now I.. say the more adventures, the better. Bring 'em on!

Owner: shawneeshep

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Other Tags: dog, animal rescue, hiking, animal shelter, fostering


I'm a mother of two girls (one mine, one step), newly married to a Navy sailor, and trying to.. learn how to be Donna Reed. So far, it's not going as well as I'd hoped... Perhaps a string of pearls and some 4 inch heels while I vacuum will d

Owner: HyphenationDiaries

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Other Tags: MilSpouse, Navy Wife, Military, Newlywed, trying to concieve


Chenab Industries deals production, introduction of Medicinal,Fruit Plants.

Owner: iirc

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Other Tags: Saffron Seeds, Ginkgo bilaba seeds, Nuts, Corms


the ability to strive for perfection. ugh, i'm not here for fame.;)

Owner: grecka

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Other Tags: photography, music, icons, graphics


A Czech girl moves to Hungary, Europe and starts blogging about expat life, trips in-country or.. abroad and other shenanigans she gets to do with a very specific humour.

Owner: katechka

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Other Tags: expat, trips, living abroad, Hungary, humour


Crazy Shenanigans follows the life of a mid-twenties girl through her unpredictable and crazy life... Every Thursday she hosts Theater Thursdays.

Owner: jmotwirler

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Other Tags: dates, theater thursday, relationships, sorority


اخبار و سياسه و رياضه ومسلسلات و برامج اونلاين.. ومشاهدة مباريات بث مباشر

Owner: Medo_Mshakel

Listed in: Sports

Other Tags: مباريات, اونلاين, مباشر, سياسه, رياضة


Transmitter UHF, Booster Receiver

Owner: Fadillz_SHuckidjiwa

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Other Tags: transmitter, receiver, Radio, UhF, Booster

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