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I blog about my life and my desire to be less like a Pharisee. Basically, I'm a Pharisee.. Killer.

Owner: codyknutson

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: sin, Pharisee, missions, adventure


Honesty or bullying? Is #Sarahah the new target for cyber bullies? Or, is it just a social.. entertainment #app? You know what I feel? Read this..

Owner: The Musk Journal

Listed in: Technology

Other Tags: Sarahah app, Pros cons of Sarahah


Imajinasi terkadang lebih berharga dari pada ilmu pasti...

Owner: dino09

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: Religi, Kesehatan, Islam, Pengalaman hidup, Sosial


my experience of motherhood, as I know it. I hope to share the glory and gory of the fabulous ride.. that I am on in my life. I will be truthful and open, if you can benefit from my experience...even.. more the better! Here's to happy Mothering!

Owner: TruthfulMommy

Listed in: Parents

Other Tags: Motherhood, Parenting, humor, pregnancy


People lie, cheat and screw up their lives. The following is an honest, totally true and uncensored.. account of the life of one random me with a confusing love life, a depressing family and weird.. friends. Ask me anything.

Owner: myanonymousmirror

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: love, sex, music, life


A daily blog about lots of random things in modern society and my thoughts and feelings about them... Satirical, humorous and honest!

Owner: Lewis_Poofish_McKenna

Listed in: Lifestyle

Other Tags: Life, Satire, Daily, Ranting


The author interacts with the Bible and writes about how it should impact himself, his church and.. his world.

Owner: Mark_McIntyre

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: Jesus, Bible, Christ, Scripture, church


Questions and food for thoughts that test your level of honesty about who you are, how you feel.. about yourself and others, how it effects your life and those around you. So are you? Are you.. true to yourself?

Owner: Nicholas

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: Truth, God


Internet Marketing Site

Owner: thethrash

Listed in: Marketing-seo

Other Tags: business online, websites, eCommerce, internet, selling online

10. Chelsella


Fashion & Beauty Blog. My own little rambles about thinks I love and maybe even things I.. dislike.

Owner: bloggerchels

Listed in: Health

Other Tags: Beauty, Fashion, Personality

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