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UAE * H. H. Sheikh Al Maktoum Rulers of Dubai * Gerald Carroll Trust * Famous Horse Racing Affair

Owner: carrolltrust

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I have an interest in European Metallurgy, Archeology, Blades and Weaponry. I'm a Farrier by.. Trade exclusive but not limited to Show Horses. I make Damascus steel Knives and Swords.

Owner: homeseider

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Other Tags: Damascus Steel, sword, historic reproductions, trade axe, Knives


Blog about horses, horse trailers and news of the day.

Owner: jenmr

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Other Tags: horse trailers, horses, trailers


My goal is to create a mental, emotional and physical availability in a horse by offering clear.. communication. This site will help you raise your level of awareness, increase your ability to.. assess, offer ideas on aids and their correct uses.

Owner: learnhorses

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Owner: chocobo11

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Lovely illustrated horse blog by Scottish Artist and Designer with a mad keen interest in all.. things horse! A lovely, well written and personal blog about loving life, riding horses and.. striving every day to improve as an Equestrian and an Artist.

Owner: tocatchapony

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Other Tags: art, painting, equine, equestrian


Naruto Updates, Manga Latest News,Recommendations,Predictions,Spoilers and Discussions.

Owner: zelitharia

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Other Tags: naruto, naruto spoiler, naruto manga, naruto chapter, naruto scan


Circumfrence Of The International Intelligence

Owner: Blekhors

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Offers free advice, tips and information on how to care for your dog, cat, horse, bird, fish and.. reptiles.

Owner: northwind345

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Other Tags: pet, dog, cat, rabbit

10. Horses


Hi yall i love horses so lets talk about them here

Owner: Crazygirl571

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