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a focus on how we the individual can have a positive effect on our community, environment, and.. humanity through our actions. The goal is to help inspire action using the of Philosophy of Yoga,.. Karma Yoga and sustainability.

Owner: Janaki

Listed in: Philosophy

Other Tags: Self Improvement, Yoga, Sustainablity, Spirituality


Provides practical money saving tips and ideas (and some fun!)

Owner: Colin_Williams

Listed in: Finance

Other Tags: save, saving, invest, investing, debt


Opinion pieces by an aspiring political journalist. My views on what's going on in the news and.. society in general.

Owner: onewordatatime

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: politics, britain, opinion, socialist, student


Random collection of opinion articles and commentary on a variety of issues, with an emphasis on.. out-of-the-box thoughts on current events and trends.

Owner: sokar101

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: Opinion, Articles, blog, commentary, lifestyle


The healthy breakfast recipe like a humble sandwich can actually be a versatile item when it comes.. to all three meals of the day.

Owner: buynutralite

Listed in: Food-drink

Other Tags: healthy breakfast recipes


Film, television and current affairs blog. With a few things about my life as a student thrown in.. for good measure.

Owner: Colleen_Thomas

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: film, tv, student, personal


A blog about what we think, what we don't think, what we wish we did think, and everything in.. between!

Owner: Marshalclick

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: Chicago, Gay, LGBT, Sex, Madonna


A blog about life in the form of mates, gaming, beauty, movies, music, and more. Oh, and pictures... There are a lot of those things on this blog.

Owner: lullatoned

Listed in: Lifestyle

Other Tags: beauty, reviews, entertainment, gaming, lifestyle


in this side u can find how amazing archeologi and chemisry are!!

Owner: Maritsya_Dita

Listed in: Travel

Other Tags: archeology, chemistry, interesting, respect

10. HumbleWeb


My blog about everything

Owner: Gorbacz

Listed in: Lifestyle

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