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Owner: iegha

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I blog about everything that inspires me to wrote in this amazing, troubling and inspiring published.. and unpublished world we live in. I am a writer and a recent grad dreaming to be a published author.

Owner: Nicole_Pyles

Listed in: Literature

Other Tags: writing, publishing, inspiration, humor, videos


Ocean Aroma is a place of dream, a place of explore your wish. Let see exclusive HD Unique.. wallpapers, Tour info n photos, Bangla wishing card, Adorable Baby image, happy days images,.. Beautiful Bangladesh pictures, Natural image, Current info!

Owner: aneer

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Collection Image Tattoo By Design And Colour That Good Stuff, For Men, Women, Girls And Boys, With.. Matching Designs For Your Body Beautiful.

Owner: faluti

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Other Tags: tattoo art, tattoo flower, tattoo tribal


“Once again...welcome to my house. Come freely. Go safely; and leave something of the happiness.. you bring.” (Bram Stoker, Dracula)

Owner: Poetical_Quill_Souls

Listed in: Literature

Other Tags: Tales, Mystery, writing



Owner: saraan

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It profiles issues ranging from human relationships to the enviornment. It circles around some.. personal whims and caprices, while some say an explanation cum apology.

Owner: Preity_Bhandari

Listed in: Literature

Other Tags: relationships, love poems, mystery, fantasy


Primarily recommends and reviews books but sometimes delves into other cultural artefacts such as.. films, TV shows and pieces of music.

Owner: critiquinglife

Listed in: Literature

Other Tags: reading, reviews, books, culture, movies


Short pieces of original writing moving around predicaments.

Owner: samsa

Listed in: Literature

Other Tags: predicaments, ideas, inadequacy, questioning

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