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A voice for Latinos in the US. Established April 2017.

Owner: Lerner

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: Latinos, Hispanics, Immigration, Los Angeles


A blog dedicated to keep you posted on US immigration relevant news, articles on Visa, Green card.. and other advice about US migration.

Owner: h20mysticshadow

Listed in: Travel

Other Tags: immigration


A survival guide for newly landed Canadian immigrants about life, work, finance and every.. Canadian's favorite topic...taxes!

Owner: exphiles

Listed in: Travel

Other Tags: Canada, Finance, Taxes, Work


The Affordable Care Act (ACA) does not increase access to health insurance for undocumented.. immigrants however may lead for many legal immigrants who have concern earning this crucial.. coverage,

Owner: charlesjhatfield

Listed in: Health

Other Tags: 6 Million Legal Immigrants May Get, Axis Capital Insurance Group, Companies Jakarta Tip

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