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According to Alexander a cyber force would be a band between government agencies and the private.. sector.

Owner: carrolltrust

Listed in: Technology

Other Tags: Cyber Command Partnership, Cyber Force, Cyber Force Citizens, USCYBERCOM, Cyber Patriots Defence


There are two major types of submarines in the United States = Navy ballistic missile submarines and.. attack submarines which include the USS Annapolis.

Owner: carrolltrust

Listed in: Automobile

Other Tags: USS Annapolis, Annapolis Submarine, US Navy Annapolis, US Navy Global Security, US Navy Maryland Trust


The Lord Judge is the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales and is the head of the judiciary and.. President of the Courts of England and Wales.

Owner: carrolltrust

Listed in: Law

Other Tags: High Court Judges, Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge, Carroll Marshal, National Security


New pivotal offshore tax evasion and banking legislation in Washington to be critical for the FBI in.. the fight against white collar organized crime tax fraud and terror funding related activities.

Owner: carrolltrust

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: US Homeland Security, Congress National Security, Terror Funding, Tax Haven Platforms, Money Laundering


The Archbishop's of Canterbury and Westminster have universally condemed the financial sector.. for failing to wake up to it's moral responsibility to serve society.

Owner: carrolltrust

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: Rowan Williams, Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster, Archbishop of Canterbury, Financial Regulation


my Bl0G

Owner: xpl0de

Listed in: Resources

Other Tags: xpl0de, knowledge, general knowledge


Recently, I have noticed a new openness to the loving feminine energy of God. I'm not talking.. here about the feminist movement. I'm referring to something much deeper than that. I'm.. talking about the spiritual energy of the Divine Mother.

Owner: syuri1990

Listed in: Lifestyle

Other Tags: womens interests, Divine Mother, Energy of God, loving care, feminist movement


A daily review of video games, music, movies, shows, superheros my own personal views and celebs.

Owner: SuperKrisNova

Listed in: Entertainment

Other Tags: superheros, gay, music, movies, celebs


The 100mph ride is a blog dedicated to sports and hobbies, here we try to bring to you a slice of.. life not about work or society but about what sport you like to play and what hobby you choose to.. pursue

Owner: social-100mph

Listed in: Videogames

Other Tags: Sports, Hobbies, Music, Dance

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