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عالم التدوين ، أخبار تقنية ، دروس البلوجر، الفيسبوك.. ،تعينات، الربح من الأنترنت ،قوالب.. مدونات،العراق،كركوك

Owner: aliraqy

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Other Tags: ادسنس, بلوجر, تكنولوجيا, العراق, تعينات


Latest in military news and opinion

Owner: rafort09

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Other Tags: obama, dadt, china, afghanistan


Operation Iraqi Freedom veterans writing about the news and politics. Focusing on the U.S., Israel,.. and the Middle East.

Owner: MsMissive

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Other Tags: veteran, Israel, middle east, snarky


Looking at history (war, foreign policy) to find answers to today's issues.

Owner: nationsattic

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Other Tags: foreign policy, defense industry, operation iraqi freedom, german scientists


A progressive political poetry, photomontage, anti-war play and video blog. Science and art.. belong to the whole world, and before them vanish the barriers of nationality. __Goethe

Owner: thepoetryman

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Other Tags: bush, mccain, progressive, poetry


This blog celebrates some of the most beautiful women in the world, Iraqi women. Here, we show.. pictures of the most beautiful and provide thoughtful commentary.

Owner: rnellis2002

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Other Tags: Iraqi Women, Women Pictures, Women Pics, Women


An account of an Iraq war veteran's life back in the States.

Owner: chuck239

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: men in black, conspiracy, war veteran, mystery


موقع يهتم بالعلم والمعرفة

Owner: Ahmeed_Alsadeeq

Listed in: Science

Other Tags: site, edu, all, iraqi


An anti-imperialist anthropology, that makes knowledge toxic to power.

Owner: nuncamas

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: imperialism, Afghanistan, war, anthropology

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