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Memoirs, journalism, poetry, historia, culture, travels, about Mariano Planells

Owner: marianoplanells

Listed in: Literature

Other Tags: poetry, literature, Mariano Planells, books

2. Scope


Scope is a multi-award winning medical magazine in Ireland. This blog shares some of the fascinating.. topics and people I get to write about in my position as senior journalist. I have a particular.. penchant for more quirky and unusual subjects!

Owner: evize

Listed in: Health

Other Tags: medical, health, interviews, research


A TV writer with a take on whatever: justice, history, stupidity in politics, good writing, bad.. journalism, television, the hometown Little League team. Some reporting & aggregation, some.. opinion, all with humor and good sense. Comments encouraged.

Owner: pryan

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: justice, politics, life, funny



I can not be silent about injustice

Owner: Alkhafaji_Mohammed

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: News, Government, People, Life


Journalism World EiAk

Owner: eiak

Listed in: Science

Other Tags: Komunikasi, Beasiswa, UIN Sunan Ampel, Surabaya


Comments on political news and personal opinions on world affairs and international relations.

Owner: angelacorrias

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: government, world affairs, foreign policy, media


A blog on Technology related topics like Photography, Film-making,Video Editing, Design,.. Blogging,Journalism,Writing Skills WordPress,Blogger,Reviews on the above topics etc.

Owner: abhirupsblog

Listed in: Technology

Other Tags: Blogging, Photography, Film Editing, Design


Writings published on the WWW

Owner: internationalwriters

Listed in: Arts

Other Tags: poetry, book review, media, books


I am a student of media managemnet in Uclan. My blog is about digital skills and journalism issues... Welcome to visit my blog.

Owner: lareina

Listed in: Internet

Other Tags: internet skill, digital journalism, digital skill, mobile, journalism issue


News, articles, journalism about Extremadura, Spain

Owner: marianoplanells

Listed in: Local

Other Tags: badajoz, cáceres, travels, photography

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