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Nihon Daigaku merupakan situs yang memberikan materi bahasa Jepang mulai dari Kanji, Kosakata, Tata.. Bahasa dan Budaya secara gratis

Owner: dennyrl

Listed in: Literature

Other Tags: Bahasa Jepang, Belajar Bahasa Jepang, Budaya Jepang, Japanese Language


Japanese authentic ninja names gallery. Find and create a ninja name design, make your own ninja.. name art.

Owner: IPYOK

Listed in: Arts

Other Tags: ninja, name, art


News articles about body art (both pro and con) appear more often every day. This blog will keep you.. updated with articles that relate to tattoos, pictures, design, articles and other news

Owner: chusnulw

Listed in: Arts

Other Tags: Kanjine bulb MbakSri


This blog shows JAPANESE KANJI which is useful to speak Japanese and cool KANJI for TATTOO, logos.. etc.. moreover shows maniac KANJI such as “SUSHI NETA”.

Owner: Masaki55

Listed in: Personal


My name is Rico. I’m 9 years old, a japanese girl. I love arts. Ballet, painting and calligraphy... I’ll inform you about Kanji,also my interest here in japan♡

Owner: Rico2

Listed in: Arts


Join me on my journey as I try to learn one Kanji character at a time! Each post dedicates itself to.. a new character which is then related to a personal anecdote of my life and travels!

Owner: thekamipov

Listed in: Travel

Other Tags: travel, language, adventure, japan


Best Tattoo Ink Black Tattoo Ink Homemade Tattoo Permanent Tattoo Ink Tattoo Ink Tattoos Temporary.. Tattoo Ink White Tattoo Ink

Owner: yuanita

Listed in: Lifestyle

Other Tags: Tattoo Ink, Temporary, japanese, design


Living Japanese is a blog that is all about learning the Japanese language by living it. This blog.. focuses on the use of Japanese media to learn the language the way Japanese people do – by.. immersing in the real thing constantly.

Owner: Tigoris__Nai

Listed in: Academics

Other Tags: learn japanese, japanese, second language, japanese sentences


It introduces the Kanji in the illustration.

Owner: elukone

Listed in: Arts

Other Tags: illustration, ape, lesson, comic

10. dereiia's


japanese language and other

Owner: reiia

Listed in: Entertainment

Other Tags: games, japanese, manga, anime

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