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Hawaii Kawaii is a blog about cute stuff, kawaii, the color pink, rainbows, vintage style, crafts,.. Japan, art, tattoos, flamingos and games. Coming up: tutorials for vintage hairstyling and.. DIY-kawaii crafting.

Owner: HawaiiKawaii

Listed in: Lifestyle

Other Tags: Kawaii, Pink, Cute, Hello Kitty, Japanese


Pick up the interesting bits and pieces around Japan.

Owner: nakita

Listed in: Travel


MOTORCYCLE-Blogs.info is dedicated to all who embrace the passion of two wheels. Go to the link of.. our WebSiteRing and join in the fun reading test ride and review results of the most Elite.. Motorcycles in the World.

Owner: 4Motorcycles

Listed in: Automobile

Other Tags: kawasaki, motorcycle, ninja, sport bike, super street bike


mengenai penawaran investasi tanah kapling di sekitar makassar..tepatnya berada di kota impian.. mamminasata yaitu gabungan tiga kabupaten yang berbatasan langsung makassar...

Owner: masba

Listed in: Real-estate

Other Tags: kapling, villa, mamminasata, tanah kapling, investasi property


Coffee is everywhere the same. But everywhere is another way of preparation. I am looking for coffee.. tradition in the country I visit.

Owner: fifik777

Listed in: Travel

Other Tags: Coffee, travels


media bermain dan pengenalan tradisi pada anak

Owner: bonekawayang

Listed in: Parents

Other Tags: boneka wayang, boneka, wayang, mainan anak, boneka unik


A pink girly blog with full of pinkyness, kawaiism (cute stuffs), otakuness (anime game figure),.. nihonism (japan stuffs), nekoism (cats), randoism & other personal things inside a girl's.. life.

Owner: Lethia

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: Anime, Japan, Kawaii, Pink, Cats


Cinta tak hanya kata-kata namun cinta adalah Tindakan

Owner: Amira_Azzam

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: cinta, kawan, kisah, herbal, puisi


Hello, everyone! My name is Maiko from Kawaii Nail Tips. I am a Japanese girl living in.. Toronto, Canada. Kawaii Nail Tips is a Nail Tips Shop. Kawaii translated to English means.. 'Cute,' for those who were wondering!

Owner: Maiko

Listed in: Fashion

Other Tags: Nail Art, Nail Design, Japanese style, Nail Tips


More about mangrove and our environment

Owner: ainiitl

Listed in: Environment

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