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Life, anecdotes, quips and quotes and everyday experiences

Owner: Rouel_Ganir

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Other Tags: life metaphors, life quotes, life reflections, life inspirations


Three Wisdoms chronicles rambles of my life from parenting to current events.

Owner: RoseBelle

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Other Tags: cherished moments, parenting, feng shui, health


Movie Reviews & Recommendations

Owner: Andina_Rezki

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Other Tags: Movie, Reviews, Recommendations, Film


Poetry, essays, stories and photographs that make commentaries on life and culture.

Owner: jubob2

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Other Tags: poetry, humor, prose, images

Follow is a collection of all the life lessons, personal development techniques and helpful.. advice I have received. My goal is to take everything I've learned and share it with my.. viewers.

Owner: jkweath

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Other Tags: personal development, self-help, self-improvement


Don't just bet on mindful eating for a balanced diet. Play hide and seek with sweet and fat.. items in your fridge.

Owner: arnoldclark

Listed in: Lifestyle

Other Tags: Life Hacks


Get inspired, either by travel stories, ways to live healthily, or through literary insights. Read.. about how and why politics and business are both important for you to engage with daily, and how to.. be a smart consumer in all facets of your living.

Owner: wondersonder

Listed in: Lifestyle

Other Tags: travel, health, happiness, literary


A Gossip Blog that teaches lessons from the mistakes of celebrities. We use celebrity photos as our.. lesson plan.

Owner: Azerin

Listed in: Celebrities

Other Tags: celebrity, gossip, news, satire, fashion


Rediscovering life anew at 40 something. Were the first 40 a dress rehearsal? Here's how I.. plan to live: Free. Uninhibited. Happy. Come join me in the adventure.

Owner: NakedGirlinaDress

Listed in: Parents

Other Tags: mommy blog, parenting, single mom


an inspirational blog where I share inspirational messages and words taken from the Bible, from.. inspirational books I’ve read and from personal experiences that have helped and is continually.. helping me to become a better person and Christian.

Owner: trishclopez

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: inspirational, God's Word, Christian, positive thoughts

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