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Conscious intentional business strategy and finding your passion and purpose. Business is.. changing...get connected with who you are and how you fit in.

Owner: mastermindmentor

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Other Tags: business strategy, conscious business, law of attraction, online marketing


Entries about finding forgiveness, healing from trauma and loss, finding purpose, celebrating life,.. moving on, and being in tune with your mission.

Owner: hiyaguha

Listed in: Lifestyle

Other Tags: Forgiveness, healing from loss and trauma, celebrating life


Michelle Mettler is a powerful and open conduit for divine guidance and wisdom. She taps into the.. stream of infinite goodness and knowledge available to all and brings you to a point of.. understanding on any topic.

Owner: allthatisgood

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: spirituality, guidance, enlightenment, joy


What is the meaning of life? How to find purpose and what is your true purpose?

Owner: kristallaju

Listed in: Philosophy

Other Tags: meaning of life, purpose, find meaning, the meaning of life


This blog contains practical tips and free articles on how to deal with the problems of life and how.. to achieve your best possible life. All the articles are based on the practical side of spirituality.. with tips and simple language for everyday life

Owner: bombane

Listed in: Philosophy

Other Tags: Life Paths, Personal development, Achieving your dreams, Meaning of life


During the kingdom of God seminar he saw a vision of Jesus carrying a sword and a jar. He perceived.. that they meant the word of God and prayers. Are these to be his key purpose in life? Live the.. kingdom life now in prayers and in God’s words!

Owner: davidgate36

Listed in: Literature

Other Tags: kingdom of Heaven, vision, spiritual, Christianity

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