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this blog is containing Polymer process engineering, Polymer recycling and polymer science and.. technologies.

Owner: dulshan

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polymers,Their properties,processing technique, examples

Owner: fasillpmf

Listed in: Science

Other Tags: polymers, polymers-examples, polymers-properties, polymer science


Metabolix biopolymers are based on polyhydroxyalkanoate polymers (PHAs) and are made by fermentation.. using renewable carbon based feedstocks, making them 100% biobased in neat form.

Owner: Metabolix

Listed in: Technology

Other Tags: PHA Biopolymers, Biopolymers


Manufacture natural polymers, guar gum derivatives, guar derivatives, tamarind derivatives for.. textile printing thickeners, oil, gas well drilling

Owner: opal3010

Listed in: Business

Other Tags: natural polymers, guar gum derivatives, galactomannan tkp, ethoxylated guar, ethoxylated tamarind


One tick bite changed my life completely. My motive is to make people alert of the different signs.. and risks associated with Lyme disease. I am sharing all I know how to cope with Lyme disease and.. how to diagnose it.

Owner: doratr

Listed in: Health

Other Tags: lyme disease symptoms, symptoms of lyme disease, lime disease, lymes, lyme disease


When life gives you lemons, use them to beat Lyme I have chronic Lyme disease and love to cook and.. bake. I create paleo/gluten-free/low-carb recipes, which my research has shown is best for those.. with Lyme and other chronic, autoimmune diseases.

Owner: lemonsnlyme

Listed in: Food-drink

Other Tags: Lyme Disease, Lyme Diet, Paleo, Autoimmune disease, Sugar-free


Our journey as we lead our daughter through the path of her recent late stage Lyme Disease.. diagnosis.

Owner: sbmoms

Listed in: Health

Other Tags: Lyme Disease, family, children


A blog about conventional and alternative treatments of Chronic Lyme Disease. You will find.. informative articles, encouragement, resources, and links to other lyme blogs.

Owner: healinglyme

Listed in: Health

Other Tags: lyme disease, chronic lyme disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue


In my blog I post my new creations, intersting items I saw on Flickr, Etsy and other blogs.

Owner: visartdali

Listed in: Arts

Other Tags: jewelry, polymer, crafts, handmade, accessories

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