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Vegan Blogs for Vegan and Vegetarian Professionals

Owner: vegan1111

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MISSION STATEMENT: My mission is to expose the truth. Its extremely important to see connections.. between current and past issues faced by America, and possible tyranny. Mainstream media is not the.. watchdog anymore.

Owner: MrPatriot

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: patriot, truth, history, tyranny


Exploring issues from a "new evangelical" angle.

Owner: Chuck_Redfern

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: New Evangelical, Progressive Evangelical, Spirit-filled, Biblical, Social Action


Daily roundup of the latest news from the world of mainstream music and indie. Each and every day we.. pick the most important news and publish it. Genres include pop, rock, RnB, rap, hip hop, dance,.. indie, jazz, folk and more.

Owner: OliverBraithwaite

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blog about indie musical genres, interesting mainstream genres and electronic genres

Owner: Fenrisolo

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Music is a part of everything, from the rhythm in the soles of your shoes to the song you just.. can't get out of your head.

Owner: miskyeblu

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Other Tags: Underground, Pandora vs. Grooveshark, Indie, Playlists


Discover new artist, producers, photographers, and poets. Where Is Hip Hop was built to increase the.. different kinds of music being played mainstream by increasing the popularity of the people who have.. the power to do so.

Owner: WhereIsHipHop

Listed in: Music

Other Tags: discover, hip-hop, rappers, underground

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