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Exceptions to natural and biological rules as well as amazing stories of adaptation and diversity.. are used to illustrate and reinforce the core concepts of biology.

Owner: Mark_Lasbury

Listed in: Science

Other Tags: biology, animal, plant, microbiology, education


Show travel map, tourism guide map, road , region, political map.

Owner: anakpebisnis

Listed in: Travel

Other Tags: Map of Germany


The Carroll Maryland Trust economic national security case is the = FLAG SHIP ROUTE MAP = to a more.. socially responsible society.

Owner: carrolltrust

Listed in: Entertainment

Other Tags: Washington DC, Washington DC Capitol Hill, Washington DC National Security, Washington National Security, Washington DC Fraud Case


Short post about being thankful and the positive effects of gratitude in our lives.

Owner: AdronD

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: gratitude,, blessing, God, bible, thankful


Crazy expat antics of a British family bungling being German.

Owner: cartooncat

Listed in: Travel

Other Tags: germany, expat, funny, humor, german


tips and trick to date with girls

Owner: Rory_Mantab_Lah

Listed in: Dating

Other Tags: girls, chat with girl, impress girls, date girl, loving girl


Yaz/Yasmin and its generic counterparts Ocella, Gianvi, Sayfral are birth control pills that have.. come under serious scrutiny. Hundreds of women who have sustained injuries from their birth control.

Owner: JTBlawGroup

Listed in: Law

Other Tags: Yaz Yasmin Lawyer


tell abou myself, life, technology, and everything that i think is good to share.

Owner: bhrain

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: World, technology, popular, personal


An irreverent travel blog from a grumpy, middle aged Brit.

Owner: talos

Listed in: Travel

Other Tags: World, Humour, Culture, Asia, India


Welcome to my life. My world is made up of sounds I see, colors I smell and words I taste. In the.. coming days, weeks and years I will share with you MY adventures in writing, music and life...I have.. a feeling that this is going to get VERY interesting.

Owner: STHedlund

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: words, poetry, writing, thinking, creator

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