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Know your odds of success and tilt them in your favor Stay married .. it is a matter of health Learn and overcome the 4 primary ways marriages deconstruct! Little known.. secrets about feelings!

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Juwon Odutayo provides you tools to help you nurture and cherish the uniqueness of your relationship.. and marriage. It provides you engaging articles, podcasts, eBooks that will probe your mind-set.

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This blog is all about multiple issues that crop up to Divorce.It has all the tips and tricks to.. save your marriage and avoid the disaster of a DIVORCE.

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My mission is to strengthen relationships by reminding couples how to restore the passion and zest.. back into their lives from a biblical standpoint

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Separation is a typical case in america as a result of fraud, faults or simply out of stupidity... Based on research, it is undeniably shown that matrimony and divorce rate are almost the same. For.. more info visit

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