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Pemerhati Hak Azasi Manusia. Lihat, perhatikan, pahami, adukan dan tuntut ketidakadilan

Owner: MasyarakatAntiDiskriminasi

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: hak azasi manusia, keadilan, hukum, sejahtera


Complex In-Depth articles as well as Down-Home encouragements written by developing students of.. theology. Read how the Christian faith just makes sense!

Owner: factorysense

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: Christian, Faitht, Christ, Sense


Kani usa ka matang sa pagpadayag kung unsa na ang dungog o moral sa atong mga bag-ong tubo karong.. mga henerasyon na mga igsuon natong kababayn-an.

Owner: boyblogboy

Listed in: Parents

Other Tags: babaye, kapamilya, mata, tagay


Balmoral International Group’s primary goal is to encourage excellence in writing and editorial.. standards in genealogical publishing specifically for Luxembourg’s history archives. See at:..

Owner: shermeesteal

Listed in: Environment

Other Tags: history, balmoral international group, luxembourg


Abortion, gay "rights," religious freedoms, etc. What's going on out there and why.. isn't the mainstream media covering it? Fortunately, Religion and Morality was set up with to.. bring you all the breaking news from the frontlines of t

Owner: cschande

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: abortion, homosexuality, religious freedoms, family values, pro-life


A creative and interactive office design can help in improving communication setting the tone of a.. work space. Office furniture consultants UK can provide lot of information on innovative office.. designs.

Owner: jsacs

Listed in: Business


ധര്‍മ്മ പക്ഷത്ത്‌ നെഞ്ചുറപ്പോടെ.. പൊരുതാന്‍ നമുക്ക്‌ സാധിക്കണം.

Owner: seluahmed

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: islam, reovlution, kerala, india


“Teacher what makes a person conservative (right winger) and what makes a person liberal” The.. agitated students of political science department asked the visiting Cognitive Psychology professor.

Owner: arnoldclark

Listed in: Science

Other Tags: Moral Matrix ,Public Policy ,Conver


Dedicated to my book series, writing in general, and anything else that floats through my crazy.. brain!

Owner: iancadena

Listed in: Entertainment

Other Tags: Supernatural, Paranormal, Fantasy, Book, Author


I tell stories of ordinary occurrences of love, forgiveness, hope, and prayer which have helped me.. to celebrate God’s grace. I hope they will do the same for you.

Owner: Tonyagnesi

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: Catholic, Inspirational, Storyteller, Motivational

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