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There is much stuff that every borrower must be mindful of while shopping for a mortgage. It is.. vital to ask would-be lenders regarding the particularizes of a mortgage, and when the response.. doesn't seem right, then be doubtful.

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Provides reports on current mortgage fraud cases that are in the news.

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Mortgage Fraud and Real Estate Fraud and Indictments

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Mortgage News on Fraud, Loans, Insurance and Real estate tips.

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The law firm Arnold & New handles cases to their clients in the area related to criminal defense.. law and the like.

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In sharing your story you help other victims realize they are not alone in their struggles to keep.. their homes. A default does not give your lender the right to take your home. In sharing VICTORIES.. we learn we can, and MUST, FIGHT to keep our homes!

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Fraudulent Santeria Africanas Voodoo Spiritualist Criminal Lee County Public Corruption Mystical.. Surge Tied Too Key Mortgage Brokers., Mortgage Broker David Cooksey’s, Robert O’Siller, Real.. Estate Agent Blanca Rossa Sachtouras,

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