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This blog is talking about the daily life of being plus size but also encouraging a positive life, a.. positive body image and more.

Owner: MyraRay

Listed in: Personal


Diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease & Peripheral Neuropathy in 06, Essential Myoclonus in.. 08, and MITOCHONDRIAL MYOPATHY in 2012 - Coping with the testing, medicines, nutrition, digestion.. problems, exercise, emotions, uncertain diagnoses and ?

Owner: DirtyButter

Listed in: Health

Other Tags: Parkinson's Disease, Movement Disorder, Essential Myoclonus, Peripheral Neuropathy, Mitochondrial Myopathy


Join the movements familys teams supporters get your music on the site just share it to the site or.. message me all your links music every thing #WWC

Owner: worldwidecollaboration

Listed in: Music

Other Tags: wwc music, worldwidecollaboration, talents, movements, family


New resources, thoughts and energizing with a strong focus on areas of counselling, violence.. prevention and education programs.

Owner: Enoughisenough2009

Listed in: Resources

Other Tags: violence prevetion, road trauma support, grief, bullying in schools, anti bullying strategies


A blog site about issues that affect the unemployed beyond needing tier v benefits. It explores.. different areas and perhaps issues that no one dares to talk about.

Owner: laljohnson

Listed in: Resources

Other Tags: unemployment benefits tier v, immigration policy changes, health and beauty, oil spill clean up, unemployed project management


"Type 1 Civilization" is the vision for whole Humanity. It will make them realize the.. importance to unite for this common cause for our survival...

Owner: Rohitassa_PE

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: Type 1 Civilization, Kadashev, Michio Kaku, Illuminati, New World Order


news, reviews and lifestyle clips about watches and timepieces

Owner: sogolon

Listed in: Fashion

Other Tags: timepieces, watches, wristwatches, hipster, fashion


Millions of Teachers around the world are working hard to make a difference in the lives of kids. .. What if we all worked together for a purpose?

Owner: graysenwalles

Listed in: Academics

Other Tags: Teacher, Teaching, Teaching Resources, Global Education, Teacher Conferences


All about Islam

Owner: drifti2002

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: tawhid, tawheed, sunnah, salaf


Guidance and help to those who need to change their karma, in health, in a family, in a business,.. and to change the bioenergy of the person. It is the best way out from the crisis situation.

Owner: pokrov

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: spiritually, religious, organization, new age, God

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