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Follow - Notícias, novidades e boatos do mundo dos games! Wii, PlayStation 3,.. XBox 360, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, PSP, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, vídeos e mais !

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The Gamers’ Corner is your source for breaking 3DS news and place to voice your opinion It is an.. exciting time as the next generation of handheld platforms is being introduced, so stay tune to the.. Gamers’ Corner for all your 3DS needs!

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This is a site where I have Nintendo 3DS and 3DS games on offers.

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Zelda in my Pocket is a Legend of Zelda fansite that focuses on covering the numerous handheld.. Legend of Zelda games, as well as the games from the Tingle series. We have several walkthroughs and.. guides, reviews, images and media downloads.

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