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The ongoing adventures of an Expat abroad in Jakarta and Indonesia

Owner: Luke_Regler

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: travel, experience, life, expat


Exploring Colombia, interviewing its people and taking loads of colorful photos!!

Owner: LittleColombiaObservationist

Listed in: Travel

Other Tags: colombia, travel, south america, culture, photography


Photography, interviews with admirable photographers, reflection on photos and featuring photos.. submitted to the flickr pool. Always colorful and interesting.

Owner: LittleColombiaObservationist

Listed in: Photoblog

Other Tags: art, photo blog, interviews, photographers, culture


Through this blog it is my intention to record personal observations of the internal mind from the.. initial idea to the finished article whilst also highlighting items of importance and use to the art.. community.

Owner: bobbymookini

Listed in: Arts

Other Tags: painter, artist, surreal, modern, uk


Observations on communication and leadership

Owner: hartliebj

Listed in: Business

Other Tags: communication, leadership, dogs, boardroom


Christoph Kraemer’s personal blog about marketing, web 2.0, e-commerce, social media marketing and.. more. Christoph is an entrepreneurial, creative and determined marketing professional with 15 years.. of international experience.

Owner: christophkraemer

Listed in: Marketing-seo

Other Tags: marketing, international, web 2.0, e-commerce, social media


Middle East is the melting pot for many old civilizations and 3 major religions in the world. We see.. Sumerian, Egyptian, Persian, Ottoman civilization flourishing at this region. It is also the.. birthplace for Christianity, Judaism, Islam.

Owner: Rohitassa_PE

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: arab spring, islam, muslim, middle east


Having lived some 30 years on this planet I still haven't figured out how things work here. I.. love travelling and meeting new people. Always intrigued by their behaviour I started writing about.. things that catch my attention.

Owner: Roland_Reisner

Listed in: Humor

Other Tags: Homur, Culture, Germany, Behavior, Interaction


You have done your research and shortlisted a few NY storage units to keep your belongings.

Owner: moishesselfstorage

Listed in: Home-garden

Other Tags: new york city storage


A blog about anything and everything that piques the interest of a biologist from breaking science.. news to random nerdy tidbits. There's something for everyone!

Owner: wilcoxclynn

Listed in: Science

Other Tags: Environment, Nature, Biology, Green, Animals

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