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A blog about hating cinnamon, making mum jokes, bad dates and being propositioned by whores

Owner: jamin84

Listed in: Humor

Other Tags: London, New York, Film, Culture


Open conversation about Weir's disease, making Christmas Cards readable, the drastic.. differences between Yoga and Pilates, electronic cigarettes, and the sex appeal of head scarves.

Owner: nocleaninghere

Listed in: Humor

Other Tags: Britney Spears, witticisms, weir's disease, yoga vs pilates


Blog that comments on the life of writer Teri Coyne, including her writing, observations and wry.. sense of humor.

Owner: tericoyne

Listed in: Literature

Other Tags: writer, humor, books, commentary


Through this blog it is my intention to record personal observations of the internal mind from the.. initial idea to the finished article whilst also highlighting items of importance and use to the art.. community.

Owner: bobbymookini

Listed in: Arts

Other Tags: painter, artist, surreal, modern, uk


Reporting on our geopolitical ecology

Owner: Vonsaint

Listed in: Philosophy

Other Tags: geo politics, revolution, art, hermetic, shamanism


I love to write. The about is the tricky part. Randomness, obsevations of daily life, people,.. experiences, humanity, nature, books, art, and anything else that inspires thoughts and words.

Owner: Andrebeccawrites

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: Writing, Provocation, Writer, Thoughts


This blog is to get women communicating about issues that are important to us. We can gripe about.. something, give a view of politics, or take a stand on an issue. This is intended for any woman that.. needs an outlet and someone to listen.

Owner: ommie28

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: Women's Issues, Politics, Parents, Humor, Literature


DumbTubes is a collection of curiously stupid and funny YouTube comments and videos that reveal a.. bit about the internet.

Owner: dumbtubes

Listed in: Humor

Other Tags: videos, youtube, dumb, internet


A blog about life in another country. Observations of new cultures, traditions and experiences from.. the perspective of a very English girl.

Owner: annadys

Listed in: Travel

Other Tags: Travel, Culture, Romania, Lifestyle


Looking for marketing panacea… seems I'll have to wait a bit.

Owner: BorislavHr

Listed in: Internet

Other Tags: Social Media, Twitter, BorislavHr, Marketing

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