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Cosmic Overdrive is about anything that catches my attention and I have a strong opinion about,.. mainly dealing with politics, sports and music. My pieces are written as satire, trying to make a.. point while being funny.

Owner: ragnar298

Listed in: Humor

Other Tags: politics, music, movies, satire, humor


I post different articles that interest me then give my opinion and ask for others opinion. This.. site is intended as a discussion tool not an argument one. Just a place to consider different.. views.

Owner: mlinauer

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: libertarian, politics, news


Blog Store sell : Boost Pedal, Chorus Pedal, Compressor Pedal, Delay Pedal, Distortion Pedal,.. Flanger Pedal, Overdrive Pedal, guitar, bass, recording, stage equipment

Owner: propedalshop

Listed in: Music

Other Tags: Guitar Pedal, distortion, delay, flanger


Product reviews, guitar pedal schematics, guitar lesson, photos of amplifier guts.

Owner: richmanjosh

Listed in: Photoblog

Other Tags: diy layout, schematics, guitar lessons, zendrive

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