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Genealogy of Chalupa family and other families living on east lands of Poland before second world.. war. Diaries, old photographies

Owner: naszekresy

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Other Tags: chalupa, family, genealogy


Blog młodej żonki oczekującej narodzin swego pierwszego dziecka. Blog o ciąży, macierzyństwie.. i Irlandii.

Owner: materdolose

Listed in: Parents

Other Tags: maternity, ciąża, irlandia, ireland


Snapshots from many wonderful yet unknown places around Europe and Asia. We travel light, on budget.. and off the beaten track. And we take lots of pictures too!

Owner: gagatka79

Listed in: Travel

Other Tags: Italy, Czech Republic, Indonesia, travel


Strona o oszczędzaniu, inwestowaniu, zarządzaniu sobą i swoimi finansami. Akcje, obligacje,.. lokaty, waluty, nieruchomości - celem długoterminowy wzrost portfela.

Owner: Zdzislaw

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Other Tags: investing, corporate bonds, personal finance, stocks


Photojournalists Peter Clark and Cecile Paslawska have created Imagine Poland to bring their image.. of Poland to everyone.

Owner: imaginepoland

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Other Tags: visual, krakow, Gdansk, wroclaw


The Courage of the Spirit:The story of Europe's Jewry in the 20 th Century from family accounts.. and documents

Owner: Norbert_Weinberg

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: Holocaust, survivors, World War II, Germany


Blog devoted to Poland. Daily updated stories (excluding weekends) full of photos or videos. Humor,.. interesting things, history and current events - in one word, everything what is related to Poland.

Owner: dunadine

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Other Tags: travel, tourist, europe, entertiment


About travels, knowing new people, stories, tradicion and culture.

Owner: DariaMar

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Other Tags: travel, lifestyle, trip, culture


Blog about my life, tips, interesting facts / Blog o moim zyciu, porady, interesujace fakty.. ... English / Polish

Owner: Ozo

Listed in: Lifestyle

Other Tags: style, cosmetics, life, polish

10. miaSTyl


Street fashion in Poland.

Owner: miapoznan

Listed in: Fashion

Other Tags: street, fasion, poznan

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