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I love to DIY on the cheap. Thrift store finds repurposed into great new useful items are my.. specialty.

Owner: myrepurposedlife

Listed in: Home-garden

Other Tags: DIY, Repurpose, Thrift Store, Dresser, Bench


A place for me to share my thoughts about my life as a woman, mother, business woman. To show others.. they are not alone in their feelings.

Owner: bernicewood

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: women, life, parenting, entrepreneur


Further disclosures have been revealed in American and British media reports on the massive Carroll.. Foundation Charitable Trust national security case...

Owner: carrolltrust

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: White House, Communication Director, Director Pfeiffer, FBI Take Down, Maryland Trust


Check out my blog to stay updated on Art, Activism, and Affiliation. Preeti's Purpose:.. one-of-a-kind handmade works of art. "The movement for aesthetic fulfillment."

Owner: preetispurpose

Listed in: Arts

Other Tags: sociology, feminism, marijuana, human rights, fashion


Perception's Black Swan is a blog I created to change perception of how we think about he world.. and other people, to see that all people are accepted, as we all have a role and a purpose to play.. in the world.

Owner: ShirleyAnne

Listed in: Philosophy

Other Tags: black swan event, perceptions black swan, Jesus, mindsets


With the invention of temperature monitoring systems, it is being easy for you to secure your.. surrounding. Lab temperature monitor helps you to provide required temperature to the samples and.. other products here.

Owner: genius784

Listed in: Technology

Other Tags: Incubator monitoring, Lab Temperature Monitor


Gold whey protein immense protein powder is differ from various types of other supplements such as.. isolates, micro filtered, concentrates and ion exchange etc

Owner: goldwheyprotein

Listed in: Health

Other Tags: Gold Whey, Protein powders, Gold whey protein


It is common for most consumers in America to carry guns for self defense. Hence, the market for.. guns and their accessories such as holsters has increased dramatically since the law was passed to.. allow commoners to own a gun.

Owner: strongsideholster

Listed in: Business

Other Tags: custom kydex holsters, Kydex Outside Waistband Holsters


Gun holsters are common accessories made of leather for durability and comfort.

Owner: strongsideholster

Listed in: Business

Other Tags: Kydex holsters, best concealed carry, kydex belt holsters

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