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Meniti Jalan Golongan yang Selamat

Owner: abdulmajid85

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: Sidrap, Salafy, Aqidah, Tanya Jawab, Sulsel

2. qasaied



Owner: MuhammadSamir

Listed in: Literature


Free Download Hadroh, Sholawat,Islami.MP3

Owner: harlengeovanov

Listed in: Arts

Other Tags: Qasaid, Sholawat, Free Download, Qasidah


مـدونـة الـدكـتـور جـمـال القـليـصي DR. JAMAL ALQALISI BLOG

Owner: JAQ11

Listed in: Health

5. qaround


About my environs

Owner: Rifqi_Nur_Hidayat

Listed in: Personal


We are testers of IntexSoft Quality Assurance (QA) department. Acquiring of new knowledge has become.. necessary during our work. So we’ve decided to create a blog for discussing of the most.. interesting and difficult aspects of software testing.

Owner: Vadim_Chadyuk

Listed in: Technology

Other Tags: software, automated, testings, tops


Free blogger templates, tutorial, widgets, script generators for your blog...

Owner: waqi

Listed in: Webdesign

Other Tags: Blogging, Widgets, Hacks, Tutorial, Templates


kami menyediakan dan menjual bermacam model dan motif batik ready made,batik nya kami jual.. berpasangan sehingga akan membuat pemakai nya terlihat lebih harmonis di saat memakai busana kami di.. acara semi formal atau pun acara formal.

Owner: Qalesya_Butiq

Listed in: Fashion

Other Tags: baju batik, gamis batik, batik pasangan, busana batik pesta, busana batik modern


This is for software testing

Owner: rajeevpbn

Listed in: Technology

Other Tags: Software Testing, Testing, Software Testing, Software


Personal blog about a girl who loves books and wants to explore the world.

Owner: Fieyqa

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: personal, books, movie, student, female

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