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Entries about finding forgiveness, healing from trauma and loss, finding purpose, celebrating life,.. moving on, and being in tune with your mission.

Owner: hiyaguha

Listed in: Lifestyle

Other Tags: Forgiveness, Life purpose, healing from loss and trauma, celebrating life


A platform for considered radical political analysis, commentary and discussion in Wales.

Owner: tombfowler

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: Wales, Politics, Anarchist, Socialist, Communist


music,games,reviews,entertainment,money,youth,movies,softwares,party tips,freelance working,blogging.. tips,technology,

Owner: hypojaminc

Listed in: Technology

Other Tags: technology, computers, softwares, science, games


daily reflections some funny some serious about the life of a southern girl..really more like.. ramblings.... check it out it might resonate

Owner: pleemiller

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: friendship, daily ramblings, reflection, poetry, short story


A blog devoted to poet Piergiorgio Welby - whom I pretend to be the secret little cutie.. granddaughter -, with odd news from the world and surreal original literature

Owner: misswelby

Listed in: Humor



Presenting Sharp Opinions on issues in the news, Mr Strop aims to give the other side of the story,.. often against the flow of current thinking.

Owner: MrStrop

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: counter culture, counter-culture, against the flow, counter intuitive


japanese tattoo tribal/japanese tattoo koi fish/japanese tattoo animal/japanese tattoo.. design/japanese tattoo dragon/japanese tattoo geisha/all bout japanese tattoo pictures and all.. tattoos design

Owner: ijansssssssssss

Listed in: Arts

Other Tags: xtreme tattoo, tribal tattoo, yakuza tattoo


US Pentagon Joint Chiefs of Staff supporting an atmosphere of partnership for these critical.. discussions on a meaningful programme for the reduction of this monstrous federal deficit.

Owner: carrolltrust

Listed in: Law

Other Tags: Pentagon, The Pentagon, Pentagon Budget, Pentagon Maryland Trust, Joint Cheifs of Staff


Rape attempts, robberies, and threats of violence: Victims are Jews and Muslims

Owner: David201010

Listed in: Academics


Views on American politics, political news and commentary. Visit for news and debate relevant to the.. national pulse. Defending The Republic.

Owner: azanmi

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: american politics, political news, commentary, libertarian, conservative

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