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Learn how to Arrange Music for Songs in an Easy and Fun Way. Weekly Posts will give you Valuable.. Tips on how to get Started making your own Songs and Arrangements.

Owner: Hans_C_Hansen

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Other Tags: song, arrangement, chorus, blues, scales


There is a new wave in travel: Couchsurfing - an international network of travellers looking for.. couches on which to crash.Who in their right mind would sleep at the home of a complete stranger? .. I've decided to answer that question by doing it mysel

Owner: couchsmurf

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Other Tags: couchsurfing, couch, alternative travel, social experiment, people watching


A peek into the world of a science fiction and fantasy author in which reality is not an option.

Owner: roxannebland

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Other Tags: fantasy, science-fiction, author, publisher, purple


About T-shirt designs

Owner: skyawan

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I took up running again seven years ago, with a mid-life crisis marathon in mind. While I've.. made a lot of mistakes since then, I've also learned a lot about running and avoiding injury.. too. TJBFS is my attempt to share some of that knowledge.

Owner: copyworks

Listed in: Sports

Other Tags: running advice, running rants, runners, middle-aged runners, first-time marathon


Talk To Strangers online, chat to strangers, chat with strangers, talk with strangers and chatting.. on cam, talk with webcam, chat strangers, free chatting sites

Owner: yassinee12

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Other Tags: talk to strangers, chat with strangers, chat to strangers, talk with strangers, talk strangers


“We the people” back in the day consisted of my immaculate family, seven souls cruising in a two.. tone sky blue Ford station wagon; hello, muddha, hello faddah…five freckled faced mouths to feed.. on the way to Cape Coda. T

Owner: Stephenm1779

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: Civil Rights,, consumerism, first amendment, democracy, Freedom fries


Your site for up to date Texas Rangers information. From stats to standings we have it all.

Owner: cmfields21

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It's more than just portraits, also a bit of street fashion, city style, trends and beauty. I.. ask people on the streets of Warsaw, Poland for permission and then make 5-second photo session.

Owner: asd1asd

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Other Tags: fashion, photography, portrait, street, vogue


The Rangers Tribune was first started in January of 2009. Since then, the blog has been dedicated to.. covering everything New York Rangers Hockey and provides readers with constant updates including.. news, scores, and analysis.

Owner: NYRBlogger

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Other Tags: New York Rangers, Hockey, NHL, Hockey

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