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Written here are my thoughts, and opinions. Agreeing with them is not a requirement, but respecting.. them, and those that belong to any of the others that comment here is required.

Owner: Sunni

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: politics, military, family, religion


A newish Blog about all the things that interest me in the world.

Owner: Sneblot

Listed in: Arts

Other Tags: Weird, Design, Random Musings, Student


Observational humor on a variety of subjects. Post subjects include: a sarcastic open letter to.. ambulance chasing lawyers, a suggestion that zombies could be the answer to our obesity problem, and.. more

Owner: ydnar325

Listed in: Humor

Other Tags: random humor, observational humor, internet humor, funny articles, funny blogs


Tatoru Yuki aka Turtle Yuki rants on and on about her daily life on this newly established blog of.. hers.

Owner: nicki123tw

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: Tatoru Yuki, Teenager, Daily Rantings, Blogger, Turtle Yuki-san


One Girl, No Cup™ is a community where sharing your opinions in their rawest, and sometimes,.. nastiest form is accepted and even encouraged. Our blog authors rant on a variety of subjects from.. everyday life to politics. The motto here: Anything goes.

Owner: christirichards

Listed in: Humor

Other Tags: social commentary, situational humor, blogging, opinion


just as the name of the site says, these are the rantings & ravings of a former mailman. I love.. sports, politics, film and literature and never one to pass up the chance to let others know my.. thoughts on any of those things.

Owner: djpostl

Listed in: Humor

Other Tags: Politics, Sports, Movies, Music, Television


Rantings of an IB Student is a blog filled with random posts, ranging from the International.. Baccalaureate program to politics.

Owner: neoaddict

Listed in: Academics

Other Tags: politics, ib, international baccalaureate, campbell collegiate, rants


Its were I (a teenager going though the drama of high school) rant about different topics or ideas... And some times my opinions on other people opinions. I just like to practice typing and using topics.. I know about helps me a lot.

Owner: rockinoutspaz

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: opinions, views, teenagers opinions, ACT


The Journey Towards Attaining Seannism Thru Good Music, Good Taste, Good Thought, Good Lifestyle,.. Good Food & Everything That is Good.....

Owner: seancheaw

Listed in: Music

Other Tags: music, personal, food, thought


A daily blog about lots of random things in modern society and my thoughts and feelings about them... Satirical, humorous and honest!

Owner: Lewis_Poofish_McKenna

Listed in: Lifestyle

Other Tags: Life, Satire, Daily, Honesty

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