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A blog discussing philosophy, philosophy of psychiatry and other academic and cultural issues from a.. McDowellian and Wittgensteinian perspective.

Owner: drtimthornton

Listed in: Philosophy

Other Tags: philosophy of psychiatry, psychiatry, mental health, McDowell, Wittgenstein


Smart rock commentary.

Owner: Andy_Frisk

Listed in: Music

Other Tags: music, rock, alternative rock, metal


This blog is about the existence of God. Its purpose is to prove the existence of God with the help.. of the findings of modern science and also to find out where science has failed to provide an.. adequate explanation for any particular natural phenomenon.

Owner: sekharpal

Listed in: Philosophy

Other Tags: God, Science, Evidence, Logic


A look at the clash between reason and religion.

Owner: edwbaker

Listed in: Religion

Other Tags: atheism, atheist, science, christianity


Getting away from the hustle bustle of day-to-day life and relaxing is something we all enjoy,.. however research has shown that there are actually many other benefits that come with holidaying.. that we may overlook.

Owner: whitecrest

Listed in: Travel

Other Tags: affordable holidays, holiday benefits, holiday happiness, holiday memories


Just another college graduate without a job trying to make it in the world. A bit of humor about my.. job search.

Owner: reasonimjobless

Listed in: Humor

Other Tags: jobless, unemployed, funny, gif, job


Expense tracking software helps organizations control their spend and streamline their process.. workflows. Apart from that, it also improves compliance with policy and results in delighted.. employees who see their workload go down significantly

Owner: jamesjai

Listed in: Business

Other Tags: expense tracking software, expense tracking, online expense tracking software, expense software


Basically, Internet fax is utilizing your email framework and the web to send and get every one of.. your faxes. To start with, you need to join to an online fax administration supplier which goes.. about as a go-between to handle all you're faxing.

Owner: Melodyonlinefaxes

Listed in: Business

Other Tags: Online Fax, Internet Faxing, Free Fax Service, Fax For Business, faxing online


some insects that are dangerous and which you should prevent from finding way inside your home.. either through use of fly screens and insect screens

Owner: jasonpitt

Listed in: Business

Other Tags: Flyscreens


The best candle online web store may be difficult to find since there are so many to choose from but.. all that is required for people to conduct a healthy amount of research beforehand.

Owner: ttnhmarketing

Listed in: Shopping

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