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Biofuel up to date provides information about new developments related to bioethanol, biodiesel,.. algae biofuel, drop-in fuels and other renewable energy related companies and research institutes

Owner: chetnajoshi

Listed in: Technology

Other Tags: biofuel, bioethanol, algae biofuel, drop in fuels


Thriving By Design highlights important and inspirational design around the world, with important.. issues brought to attention, and special emphasis on design thinking, ecological awareness, and.. sustainability.

Owner: newformdesign

Listed in: Arts

Other Tags: design, industrial design, product design, sustainability


Renewable energy and climate change information. How solar energy, wind energy and other alternative.. energy sources can solve the energy crisis, while reducing CO2 emissionns to reduce the threats of.. global warming.

Owner: frflyer

Listed in: Environment

Other Tags: climate change, global warming, alternative energy, solar energy


Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy updates.

Owner: tracyashley

Listed in: Environment

Other Tags: energy efficiency, solar energy, wind energy


A blog about the consulting services for industry in productivity and energy.

Owner: jackmorino

Listed in: Business

Other Tags: energy efficiency, management productivity, energy policy, indonesia energy


Find out information you need to make your very own Solar energy at home. Catch the news available.. on renewable energy, solar panels, go green, energy savings and many more. Check out as well the.. energy saving tips that will help you save money!

Owner: whiteconcepts

Listed in: Outdoors

Other Tags: diy solar panels, diy solar world, solar panels, wind energy


On being a female construction worker in Vegas; plus working union, going to school, keeping a.. family, dealing with life, exploring the past, struggling between cultures, and somehow still having.. a few moments to write in this thing regularly.

Owner: primarycolours

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: Las Vegas, construction, politics, religion


Clean renewable energy versus Midwest coal discussions.

Owner: 2renew

Listed in: Environment

Other Tags: clean coal, midwest solar, renewable energy credits, solar generator, home solar


Obtaining Energy by the Annihilation of an Electron with a Positron.

Owner: florioro

Listed in: Environment

Other Tags: Energy, Electron, Positron, Annihilation


Environmental blog with a different topic for each day of the week. They are Solar Sunday, Motor.. Monday, Techno Tuesday, Wet Wednesday, Trash Thursday, Footprint Friday, Student Saturday

Owner: blogonsmog

Listed in: Environment

Other Tags: climate change, recycling, solar power, green cars

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