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Living life while writing my first novel.

Owner: tinywolf

Listed in: Arts

Other Tags: Writing, Children's novel, kids these days, how to blog


Reclaiming confidence in myself, achieving a greater sense of self-esteem, and rising above the past.. through writing.

Owner: writingup

Listed in: Academics

Other Tags: weight loss, confidence, overeating, overcoming


Learn How To Raise Self Confidence & Self Esteem by Recognizing, Managing and Eliminating.. Unhealthy Shame

Owner: DrJaneBolton

Listed in: Health

Other Tags: self confidence, shame, codependency, self love


Control is nice. Being in control is sweet. There IS something you can control, though, isn’t.. there? You can control yourself.

Owner: tjbodyandthought

Listed in: Resources

Other Tags: relationships, self improvement, marriage, divorce


I'm a network marketer, home & family organizer, personal development guru, aspiring.. supermom, genealogist, focused on helping others realize their full potential. I love to listen,.. learn, laugh, and share!

Owner: lindagrace

Listed in: Parents

Other Tags: Personal development, Online marketing, Parenting, Multiple Sclerosis


A blog on love, life, self and health.

Owner: dirah2001

Listed in: Health

Other Tags: love, relationships, marriage, life


Some of the greatest inspirational quotes along with additional words of wisdom and affirmations. .. The goal is to inspire others to live a balanced, happy, and successful life.

Owner: stephgrah

Listed in: Health

Other Tags: inspiraional quotes, motivation, success, personal development


Are you living the life you want? That’s the purpose of my blog-- to provide useful information.. for everyone who wants to throw off the shackles of self limitation, get past “stuckness,” and.. make the most of their lives.

Owner: juditha10

Listed in: Lifestyle

Other Tags: empowerment, life change, personal growth, personal development


I looked at many ways to overcome my ‘issues’, when I chanced on ‘Negative Beliefs’. Just.. hearing those two words was THE light-bulb moment I’d been looking for. My intuition screamed THIS.. IS IT! And IT was!

Owner: Annie_Moyes

Listed in: Health

Other Tags: Depression, Anxiety, Money, Relationships


Build Self Esteem and Supercharge Confidence For Your Ultimate Life Success and The Power To.. Overcome Struggle! Nicholas Finnegan Blog!

Owner: nichfinnegan

Listed in: Health

Other Tags: build self esteem, supercharge confidence, ultimate life success, overcome struggle, with power

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