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Exploring theories and attitudes surrounding the technological singularity and how we can contribute.. to making it a positive reality

Owner: jasar63

Listed in: Technology

Other Tags: superintelligence, artifcial intelligence, future, humanity


My blog is about whatever that is on my mind from what I see on the internet to what i encounter.. everyday i dont use punctuation and i use vulgarity so check me out lets be friends or something

Owner: shemoanscazrex3

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: funny, music, video games, tech, vulgar


Exploration into the future of the human race.

Owner: TransAlchemy

Listed in: Technology

Other Tags: transhumanism, technology, science, convergence


A blog about the technological singularity and its implications for our identity, individuality, and.. consciousness. Also some information about psychoactive drugs.

Owner: Prometheus

Listed in: Technology

Other Tags: Consciousness, Psychedelic, Future


magick, singularity, 2012, accelerating change, nootropics, cognitive enhancement, occult, chaos,.. shamanism, technoshaman, technopagan, interdimensional, entity

Owner: hardcoredynamic

Listed in: Philosophy

Other Tags: 2012, magick, accelerating change, cognitive enhancement

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